Sleeping Warrior Productions

Welcome to Sleeping Warrior Productions

We are an award-winning independent digital video and media production company based in the North-West of Ireland, specialising on several fronts:

HD Digital Video Production and audio services Creative editing, HD camera, DSLR, Online, colour grading, DCP Production (Digital Cinema Package)  mastering for broadcast. and transfer to Digibeta etc.

Documentaries for broadcast, web and DVD on specialist subjects.

Graphics for compositing, titles and special effects for broadcast.

3D Modeling and Animation

TV Commercials for Broadcast

DVD Authoring Creative menu and structure design, 3D design, and final mastering

Graphic Design for DVD, CD, web, Print Brochure, Corporate Image, multimedia design and development.

Check out the Production page for general news and recent projects

Please feel free to contact us if there’s anything you think we can do for you.
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