Digital Media Services

Digital Video and Audio Services

Using high end commercial hardware systems and endless amounts of talent we can offer the following services

Creative Editing and Production of digital video and audio for Film, TV or the Web

Camera operation for footage acquisition on all current HD formats, broadcast and non-broadcast

Production of DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for the small independent film maker.

TV Commercial design and development including 3d modeling and animation in an affordable package.

Music video offering affordable packages for artists

Audio Visual Displays for concert performance or commercial presentation applications.

Encoding. Encoding of video and audio files from one format to another. Analogue capture and Mastering for Blu-Ray, Projection,  DVD or the best quality for web delivery, it’s all possible.

Authoring for Disc delivery (DVD and Blu-Ray). Creative authoring to make the most of your commercial disc release. All available options on the formats.

Audio. Multi-track recording and production facility.